Pilates for Men

Pilates is a fitness approach developed by Joseph Pilates, a survivor of concentration camps in Europe during WWII.

Just checking at this moment (late 2018), there are 15,000,000 Youtube.com search results for Pilates. With 193.000,000 results on Google.com; clearly, Pilates has established itself as a fitness protocol that drives results.

With little research, you learn that Pilates developed a following with dancers, particularly in ballet. Strength without muscle mass. Strong core. maintaining flexibility. All key principles of Pilates.

As for some one thinking Pilate’s philosophy was focused on dance, read about his experience in concentration camps during one of the blackest times of world history. Where hopelessness abound, Joseph Pilates rallied those in his compound to do what they could to maintain fitness. Not only his, but inspiring those around him to grasp on this thinnest of straws.

The survival rate of those within Pilates’ sphere in concentration camps far exceeded neighboring groups. Not only did Joseph Pilates capture an essential fitness philosophy, but he created purpose and goals for those in a practically hopeless imprisonment.

His principals were developed and expanded after his concentration camp experience; but the foundation is well rooted in the dismal experience of hopelessness.

Watch this video to learn more about Joseph Pilates: https://youtu.be/vWkxhtfw0A8

It may have served two purposes: Not yielding to despair plus a sense of control of one’s circumstances.

This site is a compilation of information about Pilates as part of an overall fitness regime for Men.  While this approach gained popularity with ballet dancers, don’t overlook the benefits for men.  Original videos (some on youtube.com) show Joseph Pilates leading a group of men (primarily) in workouts.

Pilates, originally called “Contrology” by originator, Joseph Pilates, has spread throughout the world.

Listen as Mark Harmon, former Division 1 football quarterback & star of CBS’s NCIS, speaks of finding non-impact exercise to stay in shape for the grind of a weekly episodes in this Youtube video: https://youtu.be/6eqR8yJTbL4?t=100 This is from a Men’s Journal interview from 2011.

NOTE: In 2000, a U. S. federal court ruled the term, ‘pilates’, to be generic.  The Pilates Method Alliance was formed to preserve the standards of its founder, promote professionalism, as well as to connect teachers, trainers, students studios and facilities.  It is important to learn about the training and qualifications of instructors and investigate reviews.

Don’t believe this author, just look to the Mayo Clinic website:

“…it’s an accessible way to build strength in your core muscles for better posture, balance and flexibility.”  –Mayo Clinic

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